Boerne Police Foundation

PD Wish List

Following is the Wish List of items currently needed:

Law Enforcement Training and Education

$10,000 Officer Training

Special training in investigations, patrol tactics, narcotic investigations and leadership courses.

$3,500 Cadet/ Explorer Training

Provides training to young adults to build interest in law enforcement as a career.

$5,000 Training for Tier 1 Conferences

Finances sending officers to conferences like the Texas Police Chief’s Conference, International Association of Police Chiefs to see the future in law enforcement and technology.

$3,000 Scholarships

High School & College Level Scholarships for students interested in a Criminal Justice Career (3 x $1000).

Law Enforcement Equipment

$40,000 Shooting Simulator

Allows virtual reality-based training scenarios to police officers in a range of topics such as: De-escalation techniques, Use of Force training including shoot don’t shoot and dealing with those that may have mental health issues.

$10,000 Firing Range Improvements/Slab

Firing Range improvements to promote safety. Includes cement platform for range practice.

$4,000 Physical Fitness Equipment

Boerne officers utilize cardio and strength training equipment throughout the year. Routine maintenance and replacements are necessary in order to keep our officers safe while working out.

$3,000 Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs)

AEDs save lives and our Boerne Police Officers use these on a regular basis when they respond to medical calls. Several officers have save lives so it is a goal to have an AED in each police vehicle.

$2,000 Firearm Targets

Supplies for officer firearm training.

$10,000 OSCR 360 Crime Scene Photography

OSCR 360 is a camera that does spherical images for crime scene investigations and can be used for active shooter training.

$7,000 Outer Carrier Vests

These outer carrier vests will allow officers to wear the load carrying vest rather than having a duty gun belt which often and historically caused back related issues.

$4,000 Interdiction Tools

These tools are utilized to expedite a vehicle search where possible contraband can be hidden to include density meter, scope, portable ex-ray machine.

$3,000 Defense Tactics Training Equipment

The police department has their own defense tactics instructors. This equipment includes safety equipment to allow better training in a safe and efficient manner.

We Are Thankful to Have Received the Following

Thank you for the following:

Patrol Rifles
Tourniquets for Each Officer
Medical Kits for Each Officer
Drug Detection and Tracking K-9
Special Vehicle Cage and Parts to Safely Carry the Police K-9
Two Months of Full-time Training for the K-9 Officer